Bliss 18 weeks Layout with home made overlay

One more layout for my pregnancy little album, this time I decided to a simple layout and top it with a home made overlay, I think the most economical way to create your overlays.
Just buy a digital overlay print in transparency and Voila !
The fun is you can change colors and use on your pictures or print by itself as I did here.
I re sized my overlay to the same size of my layout, and printed on transparency.
That would work for a card for example if you have a digital overlay with swirls or you have a brush, just brush your canvas print on transparency and cut to card size.
So no need of white staz-on. Maybe I will try that, to show you guys.
So here is the overlay with the layout in my album:
Here opened.

Stamps: Unity Stamp
Overlay: Word Play - Design Digitals

Dee did my Side Stitched workshop and send me this beautiful tinny mini, so darling and a wonderful card, look at that texture !
Thanks Dee !


rebecca said...

Great overlay technique and wonderful projects from your student. Your work continues to inspire me.

Selma said...

Lindo LO Jana e o álbum da Dee ficou uma graça tb!

malieta said...

Your layout is very pretty Jana! You look so radiant and very happy.
Thanks for sharing Dee's project also, her card and mini album are cute.

Momiji said...

I love the layout..very pretty papers. I haven't got a camera so nice to see a photo of my mini etc to remind me!

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Como vc está linda Jana!!!
O lucas já está te fazendo bem...
Lindo Lo!!!

Elena said...

The layoy is so pretty! And you are so beautiful!!!
Dee's project is amazing! Thank you for sharing the picture!

Maria said...

Wow, Jana. . .you are creating so many awesome stuff with your pregnancy. I wish I was into crafting when I was pregnant. I would have made a lot of fun stuff too. Unfortunately, I've been doing catch-up. . .like 18 years of catch up! LOL!!

You look lovely pregnant!


Renata Pacheco said...

Jana, seu álbum da gravidez está ficando lindo! Que bela recordação, não é? Pena que eu não descobri o scrap quando meus filhos eram pequenos...