Xmas card..finally !

Finally, this past weekend I was able to make some cards, this year just for some friends that really appreciates .To family and more close friends, I used shutterfly to do it. I like because has some pictures of us this past year as a review.
About the card: I think this image Jen gave me when she was still my upline with TAC.
I just recorded a video, so probably this week I will be able to edit that.
Many, many projects on my mind, but so little time and the big belly not helping :)
But soon I will leave work, so things will get better.Paper : TAC

One that I will definitely do is a Gratitude Journal, I was watching this videos on Oprah soul Series. She was talking with Sarah Ban author of this book :

I bought used on Amazon as you can see $0.01 you can't beat that....
Anyway, she talks about the concept of writting 5 things you are grateful everyday, and I really want to push myself to write more things down, and this is very important, because when you aknowlegde your gratitudes you see life different. She says something really interesting in this video, that we should write our daily gratitudes ' because it makes it real" and she explains that.
I receive this series in podcast so if you have itunes you can subscribe, but on that link I provided you can see all of them, its really powerful stuff.
I don't watch much tv, so I believe , I have to feed my soul with more meaninful things, and maybe try to be a better soul, person, partner, ..... this learning changed many things bad I was feeling some years ago, I really changed and hope to change more each day.

Thanks for the very uplifiting comments about my last layout !
You guys rock !


Cheryl said...

I have that book Jana and really should do exactly what you are doing and it may help me get over this rough patch of life that I am experiencing right now. Love your card.

Elena said...

This card is so cute Jana! I also forgot when was the last time I watched TV!