Good Times Layout

I have the book from Donna Downey Designing Layouts, it has great sketches and she posted a challenge for us and she posted my Layout , thats cool !
This kind of layouts are specially good for occasions like this travel, birthday when you end up with a lot of pictures.

I bought this magazine last week ! And if you are into scrapbooking you should buy this

It gave me great , great ideas to fill up regular photo albums, with that events when you have a lot of pictures.
I was thinking about that with my trip to Jordan I can't possible scrap everything but I wanted to put them in album for people to see.
And this magazine show us, that photo albums don't have to be boring anymore.
Really, really great stuff !
This weekend I'm going to Target to buy a photo album and put my project in action !

Thanks for you visit !


Momiji said...

love this layout of look so happy there..thanks for sharing..

Elena said...

That is wonderful that Donna posted your layout! It really looks great!