Hi everyone, is so cold here today 24F (-4C) but they say fells like 13 F (-10C). It s really scary to walk because I'm always afraid of the ice patches.
This weekend was pretty cold too, but we venture Saturday to make some baby shopping, as I don't know many people here in my area I can't count on Baby Showers, I know people but I don't have friends here, to me there is a difference , if you get me
So, I'm not counting on that .
But we are 80% there ! OMG this diapers smell so good :) but I dont want to buy a lot of newborn diapers , actually I'm done,because I don't think my baby will be that tiny ! As doctor said. So, from now on just buying number 2 and 3 lol.

New Project Adventure for 2009 !
I can do this !
I read at the new issue of CK about the new kit of the month by Becky Higgins project 365, if you probably receive the magazine you saw some samples.
Its pretty exciting ! you can read more here on Becky's Blog and see the kit preview Gosh I can wait ! I'm really not good at it, but I want to push myself because this will be a year full of new things to document.
Maybe you think in do something like this too?
Let me know :)

I have a video tutorial tomorrow !
Stamps: Unity Stamp


Rita said...

Cute card Jana! Merry Christmas!

Elena said...

The card is so cute!
It is cold here too... -22C!
Stay warm and be careful!

malieta said...

Your card is very cute Jana!
Have a Merry Christmas and try to stay is soooooo cold right now.
p.s. I feel like I have been gone for ages! So many beautiful cards and projects in blogland. I think I'm going to grab a cup a coffee and sit as long as I can and just look around and enjoy the views.

Momiji said...

lovely happy colours..and nice sentiment
Merry Christmas!