Video Workshops

Yes , you read it right ! I'm very excited to share this news that I was working on for quite sometime.
I decided to create Video Workshops, with more extended tutorials with high quality, and with a companion pdf file for more different and innovative tutorials. This of course will be more related to scrapbook.
Am I going to stop youtube??
Of course not, I already have videos recorded to be updated, but my time planning that took my time away.
I just wanted to offer something unique and affordable and more extended step-by-step tutorials that you can download , my first one has more than 36 minutes, where I go step by step on each
phase of the album creation. Also a pdf will always follow the tutorials and in my first one I have even a template ! The price $8.00 .So if you like my youtube tutorials this will take you to the next level.
I've included a link on my side banner that you can click.Or, for now you can click here to see my first project.

Thanks for always stopping by


Adriann said...

I'm really excited! I just ordered your workshop and can't wait to be inspired by your beautiful work.


Momiji said...

sounds great..have just paid for this one and look forward to seeing it....

Elena said...

Thank You for sharing this great news! I am very-very happy for you!

Selma said...

I'm pretty sure that it'll be a HUGE sucess. Congrat's Jana!

malieta said...

Way to go Jana!!!!! I know that your videos are awesome and I will keep you in mind for future projects!:)