Many things and video

Thanks for all the supported me with my Workshops, and Thank you for the ones that took the ride with me.
This is the card from the video below, a pocket card with a recycled envelope.
But first I want to thank you
Angie that sent me this beautiful birthday RAK , Thank you Angie !
Sweet Mada send me this award ! wow Thank you so much Mada !

I would like to share the love and send back to my friends that always visit me

and Maria

I wish blogger saved emails for us so many people leave comments but I can't even reply because I have to information about them. Thank you for you visits and comments.

Well , I have a guest this weekend at home , so I don't know how time will be
Enjoy the video and happy weekend
p.S take the time and Rock with the music :)


Rita said...

Beautiful card & I luv the idea of the recycled envelope! Thank you so much Jana for the award!

Elena said...

Love your card! Your ideas are so creative and inspirational! Thank you so much for sharing, Jana!
Thank you very much for the award!

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Fiquei um tempinho sem aparecer e quanta novidade adorei os videos obrigada!!!!E como vai esse baby deve estar grandão???

Francien said...

Thank you for the tutorial Jana....gonne try it tomorrow and let you know when I put it on my blog!! Have a nice weekend!!
greetings Francien.

malieta said...

Your video was awesome Jana and I'm going to make this pocket card tomorrow!
Your RAKs are very lovely and congratulations of your award!!
And...thank you for awarding me Jana, you are a sweetheart:)

Maria said...

Ooh, love the card, Jana!! Very cool how you used recycled envelopes for your project!!! Nice coloring on the Sarah Kay image too!!

As akwats, great tutorial. . love the songs . . it was fun and lively. I love all of Pink songs!! She's one of my favorite singers.

Thanks for the award, Jana!! You are too sweet!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!

Francien said...

I made one...its on my blog Jana..thanks again for the tutorial...I made a comment here yesterday but something must went wrong because it did not show up here...therefore this one..must have done something wrong..It was lovely to make it...
greetings Francien.

Maureen said...

Cute card, great idea