Saturday Cultural- from my vacation

One time , many years ago, when I used to live in Florida, a person asked me:
" In Brazil, do you have buildings ?" hummm
made me really wanna say : " what do you think we have???? "
Maybe he thought we all live in a big Amazon there, what just for knowledge I've never been to.(From Rio about 5/6 hours by plane to go there).
Anyway, this video is in Rio de Janeiro from my vacation to show yes ! we do have buildings..
Dont forget

Knowledge is POWER!
Happy Weekend !


Edys Gonçalves said...

Que onda... moramos com os índios!!! O Rio é lindo. Nunca fui, mas as fotos...


Elena said...

Jana, this story is very familiar to me. When I moved from Siberia, people were asking if we have a tv, cars and etc. They were asking me also if the polars bears were walking down the street. I think it is understandable. When I lived in Russia I thought that America is a big Holliwood. But the reality is not as we see in the movies. If you want to have a good life, you need to work hard. It is in every country I think. But the word Freedom I think describes America the best!
Thank you for sharing the video!

malieta said...

People are insane aren't they?!
You should have looked at that person and laughed! lol

J-Yo! said...

Great Video, Jana. You know, very funny, some people are so ignorant. Just like those that haven't been to Hawaii, I've been asked if we live in grass shacks!!! ACK!!! Thanks for sharing!


Stampin_Melissa said...

I lived in Alaska for several years, and people would ask me if I lived in an igloo. *eye roll*