Owl Hello !

I've been with back pain this days so, it was really hard to do something. Also, this week I will do a video tutorial I began to record than the battery of my camera died, so I will have to wait till tomorrow.
Mean while, this is a new stamp from TAC from Fall supl. , I think I look like someone that is collecting butterfly, birds, flowers and owl stamps :)
I've colored just with prisma pencils and no blending, kind of worked well.
I hope you all are having a great weekend , here the weather is beautiful !

Thanks for stopping by


Rita said...

Cute card, luv the colors! It's a gorgeous Fall day here too Jana! Hope you feel better soon.


Cheryl said...

HI Jana-sorry to hear your back is hurting. Unfortunately, I know how that feels. Hope you feel better really quickly. Love this owl card. I am thinking about ordering this set as I seem to be drawn to owls!!

Edys Gonçalves said...

Que cartão mais fofo!! Estou naquela... vou fazer uma coruja (mas até hoje não saiu! kkkkkkkkkkkk)

Fico na espero do novo tuto!


Maria said...

Such a cute card, Jana!! I love that owl!

I'm sorry that you are having back pain! It'll probably get worse before it'll get better. Funny thing. . .when I was pregnant, it actually straightened out my posture and I had less back ache. LOL!! Hope you feel better soon!


Kathleen said...

Very Cute card!! Hope you feel better soon.

Elena said...

I love it! Very cute!!! Very sorry you don't feel good... Hope you will be better soon.
I also wanted to ask you: Can I give a link to your blog to your tutorial on making a pocket card from the envelope? It was fun to do! I was thinking about you while I was doing it!
Can't wait for your next tutorial! I love them!
Thank you,

malieta said...

Very cute card Jana! The owl is a cutie and the colors are bright and cheery...very pretty! I'm sorry to hear about your back pains Jana! Try to get as much rest as possible and stay off your feet as well!

Selma said...

Uma graça Jana. Adorei.
Se cuida, heim?

J-Yo! said...

Sorry to hear you are having back pains, dear. More worse you can't take any meds for that pain, but you can take Tylenol, just not Advil. Well, hang in there sweetie! You card is adorable... love them owls!!


Bona said...

Cute card. I love owls.