Saturday Cultural

One thing I miss when I used to live in Brazil is the radio, to listen many kinds of songs,
English, and Brazilian music. To have just one kind of music here makes me tired sometimes,
I miss Italian songs and French and so on...
So I thought I would share this song, a famous Brazilian singer , she is huge in Brazil and on her DVD she sings with Alejandro Sanz , if I'm not wrong from Spain???
This song is his song , and was very famous in Brazil, I don't understand all, but that is the beauty of language and music , just feel and Enjoy.
They sing in Spanish but I think from Spain, I don't speak Spanish just as a reminder :)
We don't listen a lot Spanish songs in Brazil ,but this one was famous so I hope you have a open mind and ears and enjoy.

P>S I;m still waitting the winner of giveway email me if not tomorrow I will pick other person.
Enjoy your weekend !


malieta said...

Very nice video Jana!
Of course I have no idea what the artist were singing about, but I enjoyed watching them perform. This has to be a very popular song, because the stadium was "jam packed" with fans!

Cheryl said...

I enjoy the different cultures, Jana. I took Spanish in high school but can't remember much.

Márcia Mattos said...

Oi Jana

Eu simplesmente amo essa música...não conhecia essa versão com a Ivete e o Alejandro.
O nome da músida é "Coração partido".
Beijos e obrigada pelo vídeo!