Colorful and chat

Another scanned card, I'm trying to clean up some stamped image , I've won over the time, sometimes you want to use your stamps, and you let this images sitting there, now I have this bunch and because I'm in no mood to even move my body from the sofa, this a way to easy and fast card.
I think Jen gave me this image I colored believe or not with permanent marker, I have this set with like 30 colors, so fast and easy, scraps, embossing folder, and there goes a 4 minute card.
Right now is the maximum I can spend.
Yesterday was not a good day for me, I cried so much nausea I had , I'm not strong for pain or feeling uncomfortable. Then, you may say how will have a baby? I don;t know , crying a lot :)
Today I felt ok, I just want this phase to go, I can't stand myself. I barely can stand working.
I was watching the Olympic Ceremony, and I was really impressed ,it was beautiful, I think they did a great job. Very impressive !
Of course the high point to me
It is to see the Brazilian flag , I liked the fact that they put some samba as the background music. But, I had to go to youtube , (don't you love you tube?!) to see more of the Brazilian committee because the Brazilian tv always have a exclusive camera, even our President they've shown, well I don't like him too much, lol, but he was there :)
I hope you enjoy your weekend , I will try to rest and create something.
Thank you, for stopping by,


Tejal said...

oh my dear girl..I just hope you feel better..just think of the wonderful changes to your life that will happen..
It will pass thru..I mean the nausea..and when its my turn to feel all of this(maybe 2yrs down the line), I'm going to look up to you for help!!!
Take care Jana!

Cheryl said...

Oh Jana, it will pass and you will feel wonderful. And don't worry about having the baby. You will do just fine--better than you think!! Just keep your eye on the prize. Love these fast cards. Take care and just rest for now.
Hugs to you,Cheryl

Debby said...

Jana, I had that too with mine, eat soda crackers it really helps. I always carried them with me so I had them near. Even kept a package by the bed and would eat a cracker or two before I ever got out of bed. And I can't think of the name of them but they come in little packages in the candy department, they are little round pink disk type. They are like a peppermint or something. They also help. Also you can have tums when your pregnant. My sister can't have milk so to keep her calcium up they put her on tums.
Hope this helps some.
As for having the baby don't worry about the pain of it. Do like I did say this isn't bad it's got to get worse and it goes pretty smoothly when your in labor. Besides think of the wonderful gift you will have when it is all said and done.
Angel hugs

Rita said...

This is so cute, & coloring with those markers came out really good!
So sorry you had a bad day yesterday, hopefully it won't be too much longer to feel this way. Once the baby comes, you'll forget all about the pain & fall in love with that beautiful little baby! Take care & rest.

malieta said...

I know how you are feeling right now Jana...just plain ole yucky! In a month or two it will pass and you will feel so much better:)
Great card Jana and the colors are very vibrant!

Lori said...

I love the colors!!!