Couple of things

One more of the Mini Book Album I did the video tutorial about ,in this paper looks really
nice, and I'm trying to use some stamped images I got from my friends, I have a bunch of images that I keep saying I will use next time and never did.
This is a Bella card the image was given to me, I had just one Bella stamp before and I sold, humm not my style anymore although they are cute, just not for me to buy them :)
You gotta buy what you love not what is hot , right?
at least what I think.
This was a sketch I got from the kit club I receive.

In my last art group meeting, we exchanged ATC's this is what I got, isnt this beautiful? This lady oh my ,her drawings are unbelievable !
She does amazing little girls !

This was my take on it, ATC made with Canvas fabric, then watercolor, some stencil and a embossed image
from SU, and some stitching.

Wow, that was a lot of creations, the neat part was each lady talking about what took them to do each
project, and I have a tendency to like birds, butterflies and trees, they make me think about the feeling of patience, personal grow, and freedom.
And be thankful everyday.
Talking about thankful, remember to pray or whatever you believe in , for the thousands of human beings in China suffering the loss of someones they love, it is indeed very painful to see, touches my own pain.
Send your prayers and a minute of your time sending positive thoughts to this people !


chelemom said...

Wonderful projects!

Cheryl said...

Very pretty. Did you actually heat emboss right on the canvas? Amazing work Jana.

lauren said...

oooooooooh cute bella card! and your ATC is AH-mayyyyyyyyy-ZING!!! (the one you received is also *very* cool!)

PS: i could not agree more about "buy what you like"!!! trends are interesting to watch...but ultimately the whole point of ART is individuality, right?! :)

malieta said...

Great projects Jana!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

So much inspiration!!! Love your creations!!!