Card Making video

This card making video from scratch lol !
What I mean I have no idea what I'm going to do , I decided to do the background paper with watercolor crayons, and I watercolor with Towbow watercolor markers.
I;m still trying to learn better my video edition with Mac so bare with me there, the video is 10 minutes to show the whole process.Once my internet back at home I will post this card.
Stamps: Doodle bugs
watercolor markers: Towbow markers
Some news I wanted to share , I have a home page now that I included links for this blog and my
other Mixed Media creation, and projects with other kind of mediums and materials but related to scrapbooking, hope you can bookmark and see my creations there !


Rita said...

I luv how you colored your own paper! This tutorial was awesome, thanks for sharing!

sjk said...

I think that your background was very pretty as well as the whole card. Thanks for sharing!
Sara in WI

malieta said...

Wow...Jana...very cool video and I love the results!!!