Stamping on Fabric !

Finally, I had time to do something, although I was feeling at pressure to post something.
Its been crazy because I had to begin to work same day I arrived, so I'm doing all things at the same time, my luggage still with things on there for me to put in place, laundry and all that jazz.
So, to stop and do something is crazy, but I have so many ideas going on in my head, that I want to begin to try to see if I could do. So , I saw this tutorial and thought would be fun , to do this to give my friends with some goodies that I bought from Brazil.
My idea is to do that smaller, instead of doing paper bag for cards, do with fabric.
I'm having a love for fabric now they remind me paper, so why not join stamping and fabric.
You can do it !
Both !
Pallete inks work perfectly with fabric, this is basic cheap muslin, I used white muslin for the outside and regular muslin for the inside.
This is Spring Time set , its a fun set that you can create your own tree.
Its on promotion this month, when you order $30.00 of TAC products you can buy a mini version of this set for $2.95 !

Have fun Stamping !


Cheryl said...

How cute!!! Did you sew those bags yourself? You are amazing.

Flossie's Follies said...

this is fantastic, what wonderful gifts it would make your stamping on fabric is great.

Maria said...

Too cool, Jana!! I love it how you create different things. . .it shows how creative you are!!

Your new picture of you look GORGEOUS too!!


Rita said...

I saw this tutorial on Nicole's blog for Papertrey & you did a fantastic job on this bag! Luv the stamps you used, yours came out really cute!

malieta said...

Wow.....Jana.....your stamped bag is super cute! I have thought about this and plan to stamp on fabric one day.


It's cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Your bag is so beautiful! Kisses!

Nancy Grant said...

So neat!!!