Delight Card

Hi everybody, seems that things are getting on track again !
Today is such a wonderful day here , I can actually show my arms :)
Yesterday was scary , I took snoopy to dog park and everything was going well, he was tired and was under the bench where I was sitting with a friend, and there was a lab that was there and came where snoopy was, and begin to attack him, I felt so nervous just she was going straight to his neck and I was nervous because I'd listen just snoopy scream like he was getting hurt. I did not think twice I grabbed the dog by the collar, looking back I think that was a dangerous move, she could turn back and bite me, but on that moment I just wanted to save my dog.
My friend got snoopy, that got scared, after the owner came my only concern was to look to see if he was ok. I felt like a mother looking his body, under the ears, his neck. She said she was sorry and went right away off the park. So scary, labs are such sweet dogs and females I dont know maybe she was in one of that days ! :) Gee !

This card is very simple , I' m getting on my track to produce again and getting my mojo back
The tag I did with crackle medium you can buy at michaels, apply a think coat let almost dry
than paint your acrylic color of choice , then it begin to crackle. Than I cut to tag size.
Paper : TAC Brighten my Day pad
Stamps: Sweet Swirls,Butter Bees and More

I don' t know if you've noticed , you can add my blog to your google reader, so every time I update you can see, what is neat about google reader is that you don't have to receive emails and all your blogs are there thanks Malieta for making me discover this wonderful tool.

This month of April to join TAC plus all the stamps you have $50.00 additional stamps. Do you know TAC quota is $25.00/month , that is affordable, no more struggling for quotas I tell you.

Have a great weekend ladies.


Cheryl said...

Poor Snoopy. That was a real nightmare for you and I can understand why you were so frightened. I am not real crazy about dog parks. Abby was attacked once while in one, so we don't do them anymore. Your card is so pretty. Love that crackle paint. Glad you are getting back to normal.

Maria said...

Hi Jana, Wow! What a scary experience. I had a similar experience with my dog and the owner just stood there and did nothing. I started screaming at the owner and called the police because the dog was not on a leash. I was soooo upset!! I'm sorry it happend to you too! I hope Snoopy is okay!

I love your card. The tag is fabulous. I'm glad to hear you're returning to your normal routine!! Welcome back!


Rita said...

Luv your card, it's beautiful!

So sorry to hear about Snoopy, poor puppy must have been terrified! Glad he is ok though & did not get hurt.
By the way I forgot to tell you I like your new picture, you look great in that pic!

malieta said...

I'm so glad that Snoopy is OK Jana!
Talk about a scary moment and I'm glad that you weren't hurt either.
I love your tag and that butterfly is so pretty. Where did you buy the butterfly?
Have a beautiful weekend and be careful.

Jen - a "Spice Angel" said...

How scary!! I know I would've done the same, it's your baby, ya know?! You wouldn't be able to just stand there and do nothing, so way to go!!!

Great job on this project. You're getting back into the swing of things rather quickly!!

Big Hugs,