Every day Matters tag

Last week I went to have lunch with my boss's wife, I brought a gift from Brazil to her, and she wanted to have lunch so I could give it to her. She is such a nice person.
So she was telling me she reads a lot, so I thought would be nice to make a bookmark to her.
I thought the picture was better, but I think you can have an idea. I raised the tree with 3D fabric paint.

I got excited that Lost will begin again , woohoo !
Well, I used to like Grays anatomy , but it s kind of boring now, but I will watch anyway.
But I loooovveeeeeeeeee Lost :)
Stamps: SU, Club Scrap.
Butterfly: Martha Stewart


Nancy Grant said...

Beautiful tag Jana!!!

malieta said...

Very cute tag Jana!!!
p.s. Have fun watching Lost:)

Maria said...

How nice of you to get together with your boss's wife! It's wonderful to get along well enough with your boss to be able to hang out with his wife!!

Your bookmark is very pretty!! I'm sure your boss's wife was very happy to receive it!!


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Anna said...

I love it, thanks for sharing, Jana! :)