Book give Away

If you are interested in one of this books leave a comment !
I will pick 2 winners at, sorry for USA only as these are heavy but soon I will have another blog candy .I will pick a winner next wednesday, 04/30 at 2p.m


sylv said...

Cool candy Jana!

I hope I win treasure of tips and tricks (I'm not sure but I think I already have the other one).


Nancy Grant said...

Yeah!!!! Put me in the drawing too!!! Happy days!


Cheryl said...

Hi Jana, here I am in FL and I found internet access so of course checked your blog!!! Lovely card you made. Have fun with the doggies. I have never seen these books and would be interested. Thanks and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jana!

I love your blog! And I always enjoy watching your video tutorials! You are very talented!
Hope I will win something!


malieta said...

Wow...those two books are great for inspiration and ideas! You are too generous Jana!

kathy said...

Count me in Jana. Say a prayer for cheryl who is having sugery on her back tomorrow

Trish said...

just found your blog, it's great! I look forward to coming back!

Becky said...

Love your candy Jana! Count me in!

Gina Wrona said...

Sweet, always love those books!

Count me in!


Carol Grant said...

Awesome candy!

Please enter me in your drawing.

Carol Grant

Jenny Wrona said...

Awesome, I just love books to refer to for inspiration!


Jenny Wrona

Monika/Buzsy said...

I hope I am still on time! Yummy blog candy! Count me in! Thanks for your comment. :o)