Square around mini Album - Video Tutorial

If you want to convert the measurements to centimeters you have to multiply for 2.54
Thanks !


malieta said...

Very nice tutorial Jana!
I am going to have to make one of these awesome albums.

Cheryl said...

Great tutorial, Jana. Very clear instructions. Thank you. I may try to make this for my niece. Did you use copy paper for the base? It seems like it was very thin cardstock and looked like copy paper.

resmith said...

Such a cute album!! Love the tutorial. I like to see someone doing it and it makes it a little easier for me.
Thank you for the tutorial.

Elisha said...

thank you for posting this tutorial!! i can't wait to make one.

Anonymous said...


I am so sory about your laptop. I know how devastating that feels. Thank you so much for making the video. I will watch it and attempt to make one this weekend. I appreciate your talent. Hope the tech makes you happy.


Maria said...

Wow I love this project. Thanks for the tutorial. I have to try this project out! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Samantha said...

Muito legal! Uma graça este mini álbum!!


Diane said...

What a clear and easy-to-understand tutorial! Thanks for doing that! I'm ready to try! :-)