Bookmark your blogs tip

Well as i'm off to study a little more, I have a tip I wanted to post long time but always forget, if you are like me you have 100 blogs you want to bookmark, but gets crazy when you scroll on your browser that many bookmarks, Even if you divide in category still crazy so there is this site called delicious :)
When you do a account if you have a wonderful browser called mozilla, actually put a widget and everytime you see a blog just ad and create your sub bookmarks , tags everything
the nice thing is you can search on your bookmarks so i put as many information possible later I go and just type what i'm looking for.I dont know if it has the same widget for explorer, but you can open in another tab, now i save all blogs and no headaches anymore.
And snoopy was missing my blogs friend and want to ask?
is there anybody there? :)


Cheryl said...

Hi Snoopy!!! I'm here as usual. Just quiet.

Tracy.H said...

Snoopy just makes my heart melt! I use to have a beagle too...miss him. :0)

Rita said...

I'm here & will always be here Jana...give Snoopy a kiss for me!

Tejal said...

hello Snoopy! he's so adorable..a big hug to you!

Thanks for the tip..

Edyenis Gonçalves said...

I use mozilla!! Ufa!


Hey Snoopyyyyy, Im hereeee hehehehe, hey, tell to your mammi that she speak very good spanishhhh hehehe Gracias!!! jajaja I aprecciated your spanish a lot! I hope that you understand my english hehehe.. Kisses!

Tams said...

My DH uses Delicious... but he also uses NetNewsWire... he's got me hooked on that now. :) I'll have to peek at his Delicious one time and see if I like it better. With the one I'm using it has everything in there that I use. Thanks for the heads up. Snoopy is adorable. :)

malieta said...

Thanks for the info. Jana!
Hi Snoopy:)