Questions about Pearl Ex and Perfect Pearls

As some people have some questions, they are different, the Pearl Ex needs a binder to work,
I found this link that can help you.
and a site that explain how can you use PE
Pf we know we can use with versamark pretty simple
you can watch again my tag with Perfect Pearls, or the other technique I make the previous card
I will show on next video
While Pearl EX you do need other materials to mix it .
To me personally I like PP. It's simple and fast !

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Julie (Joypup on SCS) said...

I just tried putting Perfect Sparkle colored Perfect Pearls in a mister with water, like Tim Holtz suggests -- but the mister clogged. It has done this with two misters, and I am getting frustrated. Have you done this, and am I doing something wrong?