Embossed Fabric

Unfortunately, the picture is not that great , after I've put on my pc, I saw that and sorry lazy to take another one.
This is a piece of fabric I took a fabric stiffener glue that I found at Michaels after it dries I embossed with cuttlebug embossing folder, and distressed the edges. Stamp magnolia and the tag from around the block that I put with my tagger.
I received a very sad news, my sister told me her fiance after 3 years came to her suddenly and said I dont love you anymore, let's give a time off , lol
Poor thing she is very sad , and I feel bad to be so far so many problems, and to help she has depression a long time she takes medicine.
But I believe its not meant to be, I believe God has such a better person to her.
So, I'm really praying that she find her happiness despite all because happiness depend on us not on things , much less man lol


Cheryl said...

Pretty card Jana. You are so good with experimenting with different techniques.
I am sorry for your sister, but I agree with you--there is a better person out there for her. Too bad she wasted so many years with the wrong one.

Tejal said...

I pray your sister finds happiness. I know exactly how she feels. I am unfortunately going through the same phase.
Lots of love to her..