Christmas Card

I had made that a time ago, but so many projects, I love embossing although I have to admit I'm lazy to do it, because my scrap room is not really a "scrap"room, so I have to go to many places to do it.
So, anyway I think this image from Flourishes asks to be embossed :)

Today was really cold here and the wind oh my God so ridiculous !
Sorry the picture is not that great, it's very hard to take pictures now its so dark.
thanks for the comments about my last post, you guys rock !


My Paper World said...

Beautiful stamp! and the paper looks perfect with it!

malieta said...

This is a pretty card Jana and I love the paper!

Rita said...

You Rock too Jana!!! This card is so pretty & makes me want to sing Christmas songs!

Cheryl said...

That is just beautiful. How did you get it embossed with 2 colors? Don't you hate winter and the long dark, cold, nights? I am a summer gal.

kathy said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love it

All Pink girl said...

Beautiful card ,very pretty ,Dawnx