A quick post it s going to be a layout this time
I have some ideas so we can all have more interactions on this site. But I need to prepare a video in order to post that...
I hope you all stay tunned meanwhile a scrapbook page I did to my friend.
I got inspired with a kit I bought on HSN 8.000 pieces can you believe , sometimes they have great deals. The kit came with some sketches .
Tell me what you think ?!
I've been tagged by Suzy,
and I have been tagged this topic before so I cant tag back again !
what should I do ???
ok as I said I dont like to talk about myself but here it goes
I have to list 7 random fact./weird

oh my, bare with me :))

1- I like bare minerals make up (barescentuals), love love love

2 - I made a commitment this winter Im not buying polyester/rayon
nylon so I look this weird person on the clothe store who keep putting the clothes upside down to see the labels.
I'm just sick and tired to buy clothes that dont keep me warm, quantity is not quality.

3 - I drink coffee everyday, (detail real strong coffee sometimes I feel like flying lol)

4- I'm addicted to what not to wear on TLC

5- I was crazy for menudos oh boy and new kids on the block I even bought a dvd to remember the good old time lolllllllllll

6- I call my girlfriends almost every week

7- I dont care about shoes, but looooove clothes

someone want to be tagged :)
Happy Weekend !
As we say in Brazil: Tchau !


Rita said...

Like the layout Jana! Cute! You make me laugh & I love that. I drink coffee too, but I'm not flyin'...maybe I don't drink it as strong as you, also I don't drink as much coffee as I did when I was working. Love the comment about the cloths. Have a good day

Maria said...

Wow, Janaina!

Fabulous LO and all those flowers! It's beautiful!

I drink coffee daily too and I don't care about shoes either!


Nancy Grant said...

What a unique layout. I love it!

Your items about you made me smile and I giggled about the shoes comment.

Nice to get to know you better.


malieta said...

I love your layout Jana!
Thank you so much for the lovely card and the stamped image of Magnolia! I love these stamps.

I love reading these tags, they are so interesting!

My Paper World said...

Very cute layout! The flowers look fab! and he,he, I had a thing for New Kids On The Block too!!!