Hi everybody !

Today I 've just received a call some minutes ago, that affirmed to me I really found a hobby that makes me happy and people I love, my dear friend received my goodies and scrapbooking I did for her, and her mother loved the magnet I did and even she cant speak English, she to the phone and said I love you :) isn't that worth all?
Make me emotional still to see their happiness :)
Natalie thanks to you too my friend !

Ok this is another project I mailed also, baby announcements. She should receive today also I hope.The coverDS : TAC ;CS : walmart

watercolor pencils (Reeves)
I stamped the saying and round the corners and cutted.
Stamps: SU, TAC

Inside tags made with cricut,cartridge tabs,boxes and more.
Papers :TAC
Tag punch :SU
Then I put all the invitations in this bag:

The light is kind yellowish because I did at night,the tag was from my paper taggers kit I'm so in love with this.
I took some scrap of the paper and put on the crimper. The bag is done with paper bag.
Hugs, all !


Maria said...

Awww. . .such a sweet story Janaina. I agree, it's wonderful to have a hobby that not only makes you happy but others as well.

Your cards look fabulous! I love the tag/pocket card. . .such a great idea! Great use of pattern paper too!


Rita said...

Cute cards Jana! Your such a sweetie! It sure does make you feel good when people love & appreciate what you do for them & make for them. There's no other feeling like it!

Nancy Grant said...

Very cool. I like how you mixed this paper with the stamp set.


Suzy said...

That is what it is all about - what a great feeling!

I have tagged you gf. See my blog here for details (you gotta post 7 fun and random facts about yourself!):


Jen said...

awww... that's so good to hear that you are sharing the love of stamping all over the world, girl!! I'm so proud of you - and happy for you. I totally know the feeling. It truly makes you appreciate yourself (sometimes when others don't), right?!?!