I've own a AWARD

wow and look at the name You make me smile !
It;s great to have friends that visit us, and that I ca visit and look for wonderful inspirations.
I received from Malieta & Rita.
Girls I have to give back to you also in my list.
Back to girls I always check maybe even sometimes they dont know.

1- Rita
2- Malieta
3- Nancy
4- Jen
6- Maria
7-My paperworld
8- Kathy

most of you received too already , but thats not a problem we all make each other smile :)
Thanks all of you for inspirations altough this award should be all my bookmark lol


Dawn Easton said...

Oh girl! Thank you so much! I've enjoyed getting to know you and seeing your creations!!

Cheryl said...

Well Jana, I must tell you that you make ME smile also. Your blog is the first I go to every day and I know that you will have something posted that will get my day started in the right direction. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks for the kind words. You made my day once again.

My Paper World said...

Awwwwww! thank you so much! I always look forward to visiting your site! You make me smile too!

Rita said...

Thanks Jana!

Jen said...

thanks Jana, what an honor. you totally make me smile (and more too - on occasion).... have a good one!!!