Maybe I will SEW !!

Well, many of us see beautiful work out there with sewing, but then we think
I can't do that. But then when you begin to research people that said they weren't good with sewing and this machine was so easy. Like Cambria,
she does beautiful work with sewing.
I know to sew a little but my big problem is threading.
So, if you are a beginner research a lot, read a lot of blogs and reviews so
every time this machine came, and the product reviews said
that even this machine is small, its a real one and its great for paper, and look the great number of stitches.
So it arrived today, so maybe if this is really true I will try to show my work and the machine in use with a video.
And I bought in a sale for $20,00 less , great deal.


malieta said...

That sewing machine only cost $20.00? I have seen them before but I thought they were expensive. Good luck and welcome to "blog-land"

sylv said...

Getting that sewing machine at $20 off was a great deal. I really love the look of stitching on a card so, I will definately have to invest in one of these babies!

Have fun with it!