Ideas with transparencies

If you have PSE (Photoshop Elements) and you have a good selection of brushes
you can use them with your transparencies to make a background for scrapbook pages
or to use for the card front, if you making a card.
These pictures I put white paper ont he back so you can see, I made with several brushes so I can use for wherever I need. I wanted fairies because I'm beginning a scrapbook for a baby girl.
On new doc on PSE is better if you chose A4 as the size of your new doc.
Save as jpg and set your printer to transparencies.
Just choose the color of the brushes and Voila !


kathy said...

what a great idea

sylv s said...

Jana, you have such great ideas! It never dawned on me to make my own transparent background using brushes! I will try than soon!