Saturday with mixed emotions

Today I got happy, I received all these goods from my mom in Brazil :)
I was soooo happy..
In the very bottom you can see the kitchen cloth my mom sent to me
she paints them herself, in Brazil she sells those, they are very pretty,
in Brazil people use that a lot in the kitchen and they like to have pretty ones.
Because you know, if you cooking better have pretty stuff :)
She sent me also cds, hat and small stuff, and in case you wondering the white stuff is a potato masher, I do not like the ones we use here ,in Brazil we use that kind,
I told her I did not like mine she sent me one, the potatoes get so creamy on this.
And something let me really emotional, if you see on the corner there, there is frame with a little girl,she has my name when I was about 7 my dad made a trip and brought one for me and my sister, on the back on the wood the person wrote a gift to you from Bahia (the city) Dad loves you ! And my mother said this your father gave to you when you were small, It made me cry , I miss my Dad who died just 1 year and 3 months ago from cancer. He was just 53 so young !
Enough guys !

I know but also today I made this flower from a tutorial I saw here


mum on the run said...

Love the ribbon flower!

Flossie's Follies said...

Wow, this is a great ribbon flower.

Laura Roth said...

This is a great ribbon flower---I'll have to check out the tutorial. Thanks for posting the link!