I got a Cricut Explore !!

 You may be asking, why would I want a Cricut Explore if I stopped doing crafts? Well, true but not true. I certainly didn't stop Scrapbooking but reduced my craft for sure.
After I was done with my semester, which was the worst I ever had I think it let me so drained that after I felt the need to recharge myself. I felt the need to back up to stories again (more of that later). I still have my Silhouette  Portrait but it's small and I got really frustrated when I tried to install the program on my Yosemite (new system for mac) and started to give problems and would just not install. Error after error. I think Silhouette pays more attention to their paid software to tell the truth. That's another frustration if you want to use SVGS you have to pay $50 for their software. So I actually thought maybe I should buy a new Silhouette. But then I went to the Cricut page and holy cow !!
Cricut is not the same. To me personally is actually better than Silhouette.
So, my husband gave it to me from Amazon which I got this bundle in a really good price. ($199.00- starter bundle).
Reason to update to a Cricut again (I had one way back )

  • Everything is digital no cartridges and you can buy individual images, most of them $.99
  • Cricut Design Space with free and really good projects to give you ideas and you don't have to think, choose a project click make it and the software puts everything ready to cut.
  • We don't have to install software everything is web based - It's called Cricut Design.
  • Print and cut in my view better than Silhouette and you can use your own images.
  • Score tool no more cutting where suppose to score.
  • The dial really does the job and choosing the right blade speed it worked wonderfully so far with regular print paper.
  • Bluetooth capabilities !!! So no more USB cables you have to buy the bluetooth accessory, Amazon has it cheaper.
  • IPAD app coming in January then you can use the app, save create things and send to cut without the need to set up a computer. (This sold me because I have a small space less clutter less things more I feel motivated to create.)
  • Cuts even foam board now 
  • Cricut really got better at putting projects and video tutorials, when you register you Cricut Explore they'll send you step by step tutorials.
  • The pens now really work wonderfully. Really loving the metallic ones.

I'm back to Cricut looking forward to do more Home Decor and really give things that are handmade like this frame I gave to Lucas' Teacher. I was feeling that the stores didn't have things I wanted to give them. I feel pretty much I don't need a lot of supplies really I have none other than paper with the cricut who needs that?
I got the frame SVG at Lori Whitlock.

The box Card is from SVG cuts. HERE.

I hope you have a great 2015


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