I made a card !

A miracle I'm posting a card here :) Well I still do them but more as I need thing than just for doing. I actually still have a box full of cards from the time I used to do just cards but when I  don't find for the 
As the person was turning 30 I wanted something more artistic. 
The background is a left over from my gelli plate prints which I need to play more but I need new acrylics my acryclics were too old and were giving me skin issues. The stamp is a old one from Michaels. 

I've been neglecting my table I've been really in a low in a creative side I feel I don't have energy or want anymore because I really have been stressed and maybe I'm stressed because I stopped I don't know but even my husband said I need to go back because makes me feel better so I need to push myself. If you let this feelings can drag you. I don't like people think that it is because my son which yes we work hard here at home but I had this feelings before having children but it was a long time since I had my last one I would say more than 5 years "I don't feel like doing anything phase and I'm stressed". 
So I will do a massive clean up and push myself !

What about you does that happens to you as well? I hope it's not just me.



Laura K. said...

Right now I'm in the same mood. Need to make myself do it!!

Mónica said...

Oops, that awful feeling! I guess we all have had it sometime...and it´s just as your hsuband describes it: you can´t tell if you are not in the mood to scrap because you are stressed or if you are stressed because you can ´t scrap! Anyway, Jana you are so creative and talented that I ´m sure you will get over it soon! I´m sending you lots of positive energy...go for it! Hugs from Spain