Autism Layout and Fundraiser

Journaling: Autism
Gave me a new way to look at motherhood, 
made me learn that things are not meant to be the same as it is to everyone else. 
Autism made me ACCEPT AND MOVE ON
of pre conceived ideas of what my son should be or should behave.

Autism is unconditional happiness about things our "typical" eyes can't see. 

Autism is a new, different way of love and relationship.
Autism is a new form of expression.

Being Autistic is a way of being that can't be removed and won't be "recovered" because it's part of them, is part of him. 

Let's start to accept as parents and society what Autism is and not what should be. 
Let's educate ourselves, let's stand a hand and let's think : it's ok to be different.

This year I'm celebrating Autism Acceptance Month .

Every year since Lucas got diagnosed I did a fundraiser and you can see more here and see if you could help

You can see all the links for the products HERE.
And the Fundraiser page HERE.

I will be back with a post of another special coupon to a GetitScrapped class.

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