Your Friend Layout

If you look closely to this layout you can notice there is very little pattern paper, basically just tinny scraps and left over sticker border  and stickers. Simple again but the story was told and the center attention relies on the picture. I've recently look my embellishment drawer and reorganized and I think I throw away 2 lbs of stuff, stuff that was on my cabinets for I think more than 2 years and never been used. Stuff that I got that is not me anymore. And that's ok because they served the need or not. But I will talk more about this on my next Vblog. So now I don't have that much of embellishments but I'm not buying because I will figure it out and put my adorable Silhouette to use. More to come about this.

What about you? Do you stuff more than 2 years old that you didn't use? Let me know.

For the ones in US have a great memorial day weekend !


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