December Daily 2011

Hi everyone,well every knows that at this time of the year December Daily Project starts. If you don't know what this is read here at Ali's Blog . But I always thought was a little overwhelming to me to a paper project life this specially with the changes and the many things that I have to do with Lucas. So I still wanted to document that so I decided to do digital where I would just put the pictures in the overlays and that's it print at the end and its done.
I decided to use Ali Edwards 2011 December Daily Overlays.
So far it's been easy and I'm not feeling like I'm behind. That above is my  cover
Here is a example of Day one.
Digital Supplies
Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Christmas


Multimedia Christmas trees 1 [ link ]
Art Palette Retro Holiday [ link ] paper elements
Magic Sprinklez 2 [ link ]

Taylor Made Designs Glitter Style

This is some other layouts I did 

Art Palette St. Nicholas Add on [ link ] Free with purchase !!

Silver Snowflakes 1 [ link ]

Magic Sprinklez 1 [ link ]

ScriptTease Gratitute [ link ]

Anna Aspnes
Art Palette St. Nicholas [ link ]
Magic Sprinklez [ link ]
Foto Boost Template 3 [ link ]

Tag and pin Kitty Designs
Glitter style - Taylor Made designs

So no matter what you choose I hope you document what is going on in this December


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Altered Annie said...

nicely done, clean and pretty!