Free cupcake scal file + old pics restoration with PSE

Hi everyone I have a new SCAL file for you this cupcake when you take to SCAL just ungroup so the liner and top can be cut with different papers.
Download HERE.

Another thing I've being doing, my sister sent me this box full of pictures from my childhood that she  rescued from my mom.
I'm working on scanning and restoring the pictures, so I bought this fabulous book from my Photoshop guru, I bought used for like a buck on Amazon
The Photoshop Elements 5 Restoration and Retouching Book

So first restorations

from this

To this:
Amazing ! Matt is the man.
and yes that's me and my mom and my missed dad :)
Thanks for stopping by today !


Sue from Oregon said...

this is so darn cute!

Marian said...

Me gusta la recuperaciĆ³n de la foto.
Te pareces mucho a tu madre!!!!!
Un abrazo.

Rita said...

Cute card Jana! Great job restoring your old rock girl!!!

Risa said...

What an adorable cupcake card Jana! You are a wizard with PSE, and your restored photo is fabulous! Great job!!