Watercolor Tape Background tags + Video

Today I will showing live how to do these watercolor background tags at Create Scrapbooks, it's going to be 9p.m EST time here is the direct link no Facebook needed.
The stamps are Flourishes & Inkadikado

I also post a video recently I got many pictures from my childhood from my sister she got some of my pictures that my mother was letting simply be destroyed. Why? I have no idea, she has no sense of care at all.
So I made a video showing how I removed them from the magnetic album using Un-Du.

Hope to see you tonight!

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Risa said...

Hi Jana,
Your water colored background pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the tip regarding how to use "Un-Do"! Although some of the pictures are a bit damaged, I know that you are thankful to have these treasured items from your childhood and I know you will take care of them.
Take care and have a blessed day!