Blog break

I will be taking a blog break to post regularly , we are going to have some vacation time, going to Florida to visit some friends, actually I'm there while I post this, but I have some schedule posts for you that I hope you enjoy.I'll be back blogging first week of January .

I want to take the time and Thank all the ones that follow and subscribe my blog, and the ones that visit sometimes. All is appreciated.
I want to thank all the ones that stop and leave their comments. Thank you so much !
I want to thank all for the support, and also my Students on my video workshop that has made all my continue effort to help crafters possible to me while I don't work anymore.

I hope the next year will be one full of more creative time for my blog, I have many things in plan.

Happy 2010 and Happy Holidays !

Thank you so much !


Heather "Hev" said...

Although I havent had much chance to blog and go blog hopping this year, I hope to visit you more often in 2010.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

Percy said...


Happy Holidays for you and your family too!

Have a wonderful time in Florida, lots of blessings in 2010!!!

Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, and your projects, looking forward to more of them!!!



Elena said...

Merry Christmas to you and family, Jana! Enjoy your time with family and friends!
Thank you so much for being my blogging friend! :)

Nala verstrickt said...

Hello Jana,

I found your blog this year and subscribed :) I found so much inspiration here! Your Tutorials are so great.

Thank you so much!

I wish you and your family happy holidays!