Celebrating Layout+Blog Hop winner

It's been almost 4 months I did a layout with my body in a 178 lbs not recognizing myself, the journey seemed long and my objective was to fit on my jean pre pregnancy size 8. And this week to my surprise when I went to try them they fitted !!
I'm not completely where I want but now it's just a matter of toning my body.
I'm very proud I got that not feeling hungry or drinking miracle shakes. This is a short solution , I just controlled my portions, cut some carbs, changed everything to whole eat (just not rice my DH can't stand it) and eating more vegetables I are not junk food ppl, we don't drink soda, we dont eat potato chips and I barely do sweets . But bread was my sin and crackers, so instead of eating the whole package like I did in pregancy I eat 4 crackers or 3 depending on the calories.
I saw that we can get pretty addicted of eating even when you are not hungry. That's what I did when I was pregnant. But the miracle thing is is exercise because you can cut all food you want but if do not burn you excess doesnt matter.
I HATE exercise but actually after I'm done I have so much more energy.
Anyway, from 178 lbs I'm now 165 and Celebrating. My goal is 160 lbs.

Layout using Quirky Park kit

title from Taylor made designs

Thanks for the ones that were in the Live show, if you want to see the recorded you can click here. We have 2 videos because I had a internet problem and had to record again.
Soon I will post pictures from finished projects.
Also go to Everything Scrapp'n Blog to see the winner for the blog hop. Thanks everyone that left comments.



Elena said...

Oh, what a beauitful alyout, Jana! I love the window!
I agree that exercises can do a miracle! So happy for you!

Rita said...

Congrats Jana on keeping up with your weight loss...I'm VERY PROUD of you girl!

I luv your layout & that window with the shutters is awesome!

Laura Izola said...

Hi... TKS for your comment on my blog!!! I'm here to give you a big hug....

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

Fab layout Jana! Congrats on the weight loss.

Risa said...

Congratulations on losing the weight Jana! I'm so proud of your dear!
Your layout is fabulous!

Fabi said...

Adoro seu blog e te acompanho já faz um tempo...
Cheguei até aqui através de um link do blog da Selma, e desde então não desgrudo daqui...
Venho por aqui pelo menos uma vez por semana...rsrsrsrsrs
Amo o seu trabalho e a maneira como compartilha com o mundo...
Não pensei duas vezes quando resolvi postar sobre tutorias... Espero que não tenha problema...


PS.: Obrigada por comentar no blog Scrap Pelo Brasil. Espero te encontrar sempre por lá!!!!!!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Good for you Jana! Awesome layout too!