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Hi everyone.

I finally had time to make a digi layout , I did this to my friend. With this lovely kit from Paperbagstudios. What is nice is that Paperbag is one of the few places that has good prices S4O kits, that actually allows that. What is that mean? Scrap for others, so if you buy a digital kit and it says personal use only , you can't scrap for friends even if it's not for money. So just to give you some information about digital stuff, because usually commercial licenses are for that. So I much appreciate Paperbagstudios products for that.

This is one of my best friends, we did high school together and today we are both mothers, ok I took longer to decide that, but that's ok. And she is the only one that never ever forgot me. You know when you live your original place for more than 8 years like me many people forget you. Or worse just remember you when you are going there to ask gifts. Anyway,

I need your input !
If you notice on the top bar I have a poll going on, I had this idea of streaming a live show for us to do a mini album or mixed media projects together. Well you could just follow me or do it together. After watching great live shows about scrapbooking it got me excited, it is so much fun! The chat & friends really cool. But I need to know what do you think, because I don't want to be talking to myself lol So please vote, if I see people like the idea then I will think in a time probably at night as my son don't go to school yet lol and nap times are not the same everyday.
These shows are the most I participate: Unkit live and Paperclipping live.

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Risa said...

What a beautiful layout! I didn't know that there are so many rules and regulations for digi scrapping!