Miss you card

Another image I received, very cute little girl, these images put me in the mood for cards. The sentiment is a Michael stamp. I colored with Gamsol. And the little fabric butterfly from stash.

I don't know if you guys noticed my tracker, but I'm on my journey to loose weight, and waking up early everyday and going to the gym before my husband goes to work.
There is (in my opinion) no secret to loose weight : control what you eat and exercise.
I've seen some blogs of women loosing like 10 lbs a month replacing meal with shakes and stuff, yeah works but who is going to leave on shakes forever?
I cutting my carbs and exercising and doing a lot of abs exercises and believe no one hates more this than me but as I say to my friends before I could afford to be lazy, I didn't have to worry about weight. But now my unhappiness with myself is bigger than being lazy.

But I'm glad I'm getting there.


Risa said...

Another beautiful card! You are great with Elisabeth Bell's images Jana! Your image is beautiful and I love your trademark butterfly:)
Great job on the weight loss my friend. It takes time to lose but you will definitely be where you want to be soon!

Sue from Oregon said...

Cute card...and I dont even want to know what my BMI is...YIKES!

Elena said...

What a beautiful card! Love the butterfly you added!
Great job on weight loss, I know that you will achieve the result!