Digital Layout

I'm waiting the weather get better so I can record video tutorial, it's been raining and dark , gee when real summer will come?
Decided to play a little bit in PSE. I have a mini album ready but still have to put my watermark on PSE.
This is how I'm working lately many things going on, but I can give each one 5 minutes during the day, then 2 minutes so I have projects all around.
Just a off comment: have you seen Jon & Kate plus 8 , this program is so fake now is making me annoyed.
It's funny to see how money changes people.

But I found a new show to replace that: Whale Wars, too crazy,loved it !
But I see my tv specially in summer more and more quiet.
I'll be back tomorrow with a mini.



Percy said...


Risa said...

OMG.....your layout is stunning Jana! You are such a wiz with photoshop! Lucas looks like an angel sleeping on a cloud...I LOVE it!! Super great job!
Yes...I watch Jon & Kate or should I say I use to watch it. So much drama going on right now! One of my guilty pleasures are the tabloid magazines (Star, People and Us)and they have really portrayed Kate as a monster! I don't know how much is true but I love to read them:)

Momiji said...

such a gorgeous layout..all soft and dreamy ..would love to know how to do this ...

Elena said...

Wow! This layout is so beautiful! You do an amazing job with photoshop!
So sorry about the weather, we also have three days of rain, one of sun... Hopefully it will change soon!