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Sometimes, pictures don't have to be the predictable and posed ones, I try everyday to take pictures of connections, our family connections that have been changing so much with this new bundle of joy in our home.
And if feels great to document small bits and connections I see happening.

Photography word art : Ali Edwards
Flourishes : Katie Pertiet

In the process of restoring and scanning pictures for me and my sister, this is one of the few that has all my family when we were younger that we could salvage.
For the ones that don't know my mother went in a process of destroying pictures that had my father after their separation. It's amazing to think my mother was younger than me today in this picture with already two kids, makes me think how things changed and will change even more as my sister now is 27 and don't even have a BF right now.
This picture was on my birthday I don't remember what age I was commemorating here but maybe 8 because my sister was less than a year or year old. That's something that will make me grateful for Scrapbooking, that my son won't struggle to remember the stories, like I wish I could remember some details. I wanted to have more memories, I have vague memories, I just know my mother made many birthday parties for me, till this day I think was a waste, because I believe we should do parties when children can understand parties. Later when I could understand and wanted parties, we could not afford, this was one of my last ones.

Anyway, the point is: document today what you want to remember tomorrow.

Viewfinder frames: Oscraps

This Sunday will be fun we are going to a Beagle meet in a park close to home. Can't wait to be sorrounded by beagles :)

Thanks everyone.


Jill W. said...

Beautifully said.
Enjoy your tomorrows and your todays.

Stamping at tiffanys' said...


Momiji said...

I love the moment you captured with the hands especially in black and white ..also the one of your family. family likeness is amazing. I too wish I had more photos of my parents.

Linda Raithel said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your family's photos. My cousin had the same experience as you. Hopefully, someone that reads your blog will control the impulse to do the same and think about their children regardless of how they feel about their ex-spouse! After all, the ex-spouse was the person they themselves chose to be the parent of their children and photos document their childrens history.

After my cousin told me she had no photos of their family when they were young, I set out on a search through my parents pictures and found some for her. I also am on the lookout for any photos other family members have. I even found a couple of wedding photos for her that my uncle had. Ask your other family members or friends of the family for photos. Maybe they will have some.

With the technology today it is so easy to scan photos and share them.

Elena said...

I agree with what you said, Jana...
I love the picture with the hands, very nice memories and precious moments...

Rozette said...

I love the picture of your hands. I wish I was into scrapbooking or memory keeping when my daughter was younger. I probably would have been more aware of the pictures/location and the infamous odd things going on in the background...messy table, cat licking his privates, random people in the background etc.

My dad threw out alot of our pictures. He was trying to make room in his closet and told his employees to throw everything they did, pictures, film, slides everything.

Risa said...

Your layout is outstanding Jana! The picture of Carlos embracing Lucas's hand tells it all. I love this photo!
The picture of your family when you were a young girl is fantastic, you look so happy here. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!