Love this Layout

After a couple of gorgeous days, it's raining and dark today, and Lucas seems that he doesn't want to nap today, just of course if I pick him up. He is 6 weeks today, it goes fast ! As he is awake , I was able to record a mini album tutorial for tomorrow, stay tuned !
I did this layout a time ago, just now was able to post.
Cut out this paper from Sassafras, the felt buttons from this Etsy store. The crochet flower was handmade by me ;) yes I do know make flowers but who has time now?
and Mini bingo card. The glitter sticker is from Target line.

I went to my 6 weeks postpartum appt. Finally I can drive now, he gave me the ok to have a normal life lol, although with some prescriptions because some issues. This is the point: issues, I dream with the day I will feel completly normal I guess that will arrive one day right? At least some things as soon I stop breastfeeding, so till then feeling some " issues" .
But glad at least externally everything is ok. Now just 15 lbs to loose, I never in my life had to loose that weight. I guess exercise here I come.

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Francien said...

Love both of your last layouts...they are so beautyful with al the little details.. Lucas and you are so handsome...6 weeks...time flies!!!Like the handmade crochet flower..cant wait to see the always explain everything so good...and I will stay tuned!!
greetings Francien.

Momiji said...

I love your layout of this special moment with Lucas and your journaling which will capture that moment forever.

Rita said...

So beautiful this layout Jana & that picture speaks a thousand words, it's so precious! Great job!

Risa said...

Wow....I LOVE your layout also Jana..your picture is very beautiful and the accents are so pretty! I brought some bingo type cards and was kind of "put off" when they came in the mail. The cards are HUGE! !! *lol* What in the world am I gonna do with them I wonder? *lol*

Elena said...

Very beautiful layout, Jana!
Love all of the embellishments!
Hope everything will go to normal very soon for you!

Maria said...

Such a beautiful layout, Janna!! The design is perfect and your photo is gorgeous! Love all the pretty elements that you added.

Glad to hear your postpartum appt went well. I think you'll always have issues. It changes. Not sure what issues you are talking about right now but. . .I still have issues and my daughter is 18! LOL!!

I don't think it gets easier, just different but all the happiness overshadows the difficulties. Kids are hard work. I remember after I gave birth I cried because I knew I would never be able to go out just because I felt like it! LOL! I felt a little sad about it initially but after I got over it, I could never see my life any other way.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!