Many Cuts Album Sample and Opportunity to Help

Sample of my Many Cuts album workshop, done by Selma, this workshop actually was a partnership with her. Check her blog, she did a amazing job on her sample.

If you are a cardmaker and would like to make some people happy with your cards, check out this blog. They will begin to send cards to hospitals and people that need some happiness in their lives. These are in Brazil but for you to send a international card is less than a dollar, so it's not that much comparing to what we spend in supplies, of course if you can send more would be great. They have post in English also explaining everything.
The blog's name is English is Stamping Happiness !
Isn't that a great name?
To check them out



jennyv said...

I think that a good idea for a workshop. I like that envelope mini album can't wait to make one. It will be on my next to do list.


Maria said...

Oooh, Jana! I just so love all your mini albums! All of them are beautiful. Everytime I look at your albums, I want to make one but it takes me so long to make them!!

Your album turned out beautiful. . .love all the pretty colors and the pages!! Awesome job as always!


Elizabeth Roessle said...

Eu sou apaixonada por esse álbum ganhei um da Selma é maravilho, adorei a parceria uma soma de talentos!!!

Márcia Mattos said...

Oi Jana

Obrigada por escrever apoiando nosso blog!
É muito bom ter essa divulgação de pessoas amigas!
O bebê já deve estar quase chegando né??


Risa Malieta W. said...

Wow...what an awesome album Jana! I love the unique look of it!

Edys Gonçalves said...

Que lindo, Jana. Mais um pra lista de espera!!! kkkkkkkkk