Baby Shower Table Slide

I'm sorry the last slide had music, I hate music on blogs, and I didn't know slide was putting that.
So, I dont like when you checking a blog like 10pm and that music comes, I like when its a option when the reader can choose to listen or not. Sorry , I know some of you have this, but personal opinions right !
Anyway, some pictures of Baby Shower table, handmade cake it was delicious, Brigadeiros (A Brazilian Sweet from Chocolate and condensed milk , LOVE IT ), I didn't edit all pictures, but I probably won't post the guests here, that would need their permission, sorry again.

I did some favor bags, using many different stamps on the cover, Flourish, magnolia, Whipper Snapper and one Giraffe I bought on Michaels. The monogram stamp is from Martha Stweart.
I bought her monogram set comes with plus 3 different circles for $10 you can't beat that.

I have a friend coming from Florida today to spend 2 days with me to, cook for me and freeze food, I just missed my friends from Florida, I wouldn't feel so alone if I was there I'm sure.
Now that I can barely walk, and stand up for more than 3 minutes I see that sometimes family around is a nice thing. But I'm very blessed to have some nice people that came to help me this week, and friends that come to help. So God is good !



Paula's ponderings said...

it all looks so lovely...not long now! I hope the last couple of weeks are restful for you x

Momiji said...

thanks for sharing your baby shower photos...we don't really have that over here but it looks really nice...

Jen said...

oh oh... that means it's almost time!! love all the creations. So cute!! I love creating baby things... thanks for sharing these pics.


Elena said...

Table and all decorations look great! Love the napkins!!! So cute!
Glad that your friend could come!

Risa Malieta W. said...

Your baby shower set up is beautiful Jana! The bags are totally adorable and the food looks so yummy. I so wish I was there!
You are very blessed to have your friend from Florida come to your home and assist you. The day for giving birth will be here soon and you need all the help you can get. Take care dear and try not to worry and stay off your feet.

Maria said...

How nice of your friend from Florida is coming to help you out! That is sucha good friend. I'm sorry you can't barely walk. . .it'll be soon! The last couple weeks are the hardest!

Wow, all the favors are beautiful! Everything is so nicely done and the images are so cute!!