Thank you !

I want to thank you all the comments regarding my previous post, it's overwhelming caring that blogland can do. So, I THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH !
It's been really tiring for me, Carlos left the hospital and is home, but he still in some pain, and he can't have some hard movements as he still with stitches.

So, I'm having to do things that he does usually for me, and now I see how much he helps me !
Snoopy is feeling also the change because his Dad can't play with him, as he used to play, and has to ask him to not stay over him...He is kind of sad, I think he wonders " why my dad not playing with me?" and I can't play that much either.

Stamps on the card: Magolia, sentiment : Kitchen sink stamps

Thank you


Rita said...

He will be better with time Jana. Glad that he is home & on his way to a fast recovery. Cute card!

Heather "Hev" said...

I am glad he is home Jana.
Take things easy and speedy recovery for Carlos :)

malieta said...

I'm so glad that Carlos is back home and recovering Jana. In a week or so he will feel much better. In the meantime, try not to do too much or lift heavy objects!!!
Your card is a cutie and I love your Magnolia!!!

algeroise said...

so beautiful

Momiji said...

so glad for you that Carlos is home again and recovering. take care x

Cheryl said...

You will be amazed at how fast Carlos recovers. Just tell him to be careful. Glad he is home with you now--you be careful too, ok? And give precious Snoopy and hug and kiss from me and tell him all will be better soon.

Bona said...

I'm glad to hear Carlos is home. Adorable card.

Elena said...

Glad to hear your husband is at home! Wish him only the best!
Card is so cute!!!

Maria said...

Such a pretty card, Jana! Love the beautiful colors!!

I'm glad to hear your hubby is home! I hope a speedy recovery for him! Poor Snoopy. . .he don't understand. I guess you need to give him a lot of treats to make him happy!


Patt said...

Hi Janaina,
I really hope your husband is feeling better and that you and the baby are Ok.
Thanks a lot for your ideas and tips
Patt :)