Week in Life 8x8

Here is some pages of the week in life project, I didn' t put all pages here, because its kind of a personal project, you can see the mixture of English and Portuguese in the project, kind of how my life and head is : half and half.
I used a file folder, about 8x8, the labels are from Ali Edwards design digital, they are Photoshop brushes that I printed.You can see the link in her blog.
I want to thank all the people that are stopping more and leaving comments,thank you so much.
I'm entering my 18th week, wow it goes fast...
I have still the video I recorded to edit and some cards to make life is busy !


Rita said...

Your doing a great job recording your life Jana! Your baby is going to luv it when he or she gets older & can really appreciate it. It was so nice talking to you today, I really enjoyed it! Hugs

luvzenkm2 (Leea) said...

Thanks for sharing yours, I am in the process of working on mine! Yours is awesome!

Elena said...

Very precious project, Jana! I agree with Rita... It is a good way of keeping all your memories! Thank you for sharing with us!
Hope you have a good day today,

malieta said...

What a wonderful idea Jana!
Your project is very cool and innovative! Thanks for the inspiration:)

Selma said...

I told yoy that I love it!!!
It's realy great and completely innovate.

Tautchia said...

Love your take on Ali's project!