First Xmas card

Well, I've decided I won't do all my Xmas cards, it was too tiring and not worth last year, and on December I will be too busy preparing for baby's arrival. Not everyone appreciate so I will do a few.
I have so much things on my mind before I begin to prepare things for the baby that cards are not priority right now. To me now is all about documenting as many things of my life as possible before baby comes. So, cards have to be easy and fast !
This card is for Jen's Challenge #11, take time and look her store she has some hot stamps now.
Ok ,this card base paper is from Club scrap,then crosmo cricket and Stamp TAC.

Ok people I was really really upset , Season 5 of lost will just come in " early 2009" I'm like what?!!!!!
Are you kidding me 1 year???????!!!!!!!! !!!!
Gosh I miss Lost !!!!!!!!
If you're new to my blog: Yes , my name is Jana and I'm addicted to Lost, Oprah , Supernanny and John & Kate +8 (used to be Grays' but nah...too boring now)
But, Lost is killing me !Anyway , stay tuned tomorrow :


Elena said...

I love this card! The color combination is so Christmas feeling! Love the Joy Stamp!

Oma said...

I can understand how you feel Jana. I once spend a considerable amount of time stitching a counted cross stitch design on a kitchen towel for a friend. I was sitting in the front seat of her car with her when I gave it to her. She glanced at it and then promptly tossed it into the back seat! Needless to say, I was hurt and had I known she would not have appreciated the gift, I would have given it to someone who would or kept it for myself.

Selma said...

Jana, já? Ai, ai...nem pensei nada de natal ainda, mas seu cartão está lindo, assim como o LO do outro Post. Adoro seus layouts, vc sabe.
Tem um selinho pra vc no meu blog, viu?
Bjs, bjs

Maria said...

I know what you mean about creating cards for people. . .I think only crafters REALLY appreciate the work you put into them.

I sent an elaborate handmade Christmas card, mini album, and gift set to my cousin and she didn't even acknowledge receiving them. She acknowledged the bought gift but didn't even mention the stuff I made. ARggggh!

I love to watch John & Kate. . .boy, Kate is one control freak, isn't she? She's kind of mean to John sometimes but at least they're "real"! Real couples are sometimes nasty to one another! LOL! Don't you think Maddy is sort of a brat but she's very intelligent? She commands the english language really well, especially at her age!


malieta said...

LOL....I know how it is to anticipate your fav. show or movie. You are all geared up and then they make you wait......:( I feel the same way about Harry Potter, it was supposed to come out in Nov., not I have to wait until July!
Your card is very cute Jana, great job with the challenge!

Paula's ponderings said...

Lost!! I have JUST finished watching Series 2 part1 and I LOVE IT LOVE IT...and you are waiting for series 5???? My husband and I had a "Lost" day yesterday warching it practically from the beginning and had to keep pausing DVD to do "essentials" like put the kettle on, loo break...etc etc.

I love you card BTW. I am making some very simple cards this year, bit of a production line, but hope they will turn out, white and silver!!

Jen-Jen said...

Hahaha... you know about me n' Lost already... love your card! You did a great job. Yea, I don't make Christmas cards to those that don't appreciate it either. I just send them photo Christmas cards, it's those that craft like me that receives them. So, my list of Christmas cards isn't huge anymore. But you know what is sooo stupid? When those that used to get the made cards now receive the photo cards will ask, "oh, you don't make them anymore?".... I want to say... "Not for you I don't".. LOL!!!