Saturday Cultural?

Well, maybe you wonder, why is that cultural?
Because my objective with Saturday Cultural, is to give some information from maybe things
you don't know, or maybe people want you to believe is the truth...most like tv and politics ;)
But because I don't talk politics
I believe people think mac is a very complicated thing because microsoft want you to believe that,
so next time you have chance to see a Apple store, go there , touch a mac computer , browse,
ask, its free, Apple store have free classes also. Research is everything just don't go with the things "other people " want you to believe, just a example the myth that in mac you dont do page up and down, or past and copy or all this excuses.
Why, I defend so hard...well, After suffering with pcs for most of my life, and still suffering with the horrible vista at work; I had the privilege of having a mac for 6 months now. And I wonder , why took me so long ? ...And now I used it as I had for 10 years is that easy...
So, sorry for the long post ,,,,but remember ...don't go by what others tell you, go and see it for yourself,,,with EVERYTHING.



malieta said...

I hear ya Jana and I respect you and your opinion!
Have a great weekend and I sincerely hope that Snoopy is feeling better!

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

I LOVE my MAC!!!

Thanks for sharing.