Glossy Postcard and news

This is another postcard, I took glossy paper, the size is 4x6 then I smudged 2 ink colors,the stamps on the top should be on a darker ink, The stamps are from Club Scrap.
I love to collect meaningful phrase stamps with quotes, or just words of encouragement. I think they are great.
You will notice that I will remove TAC logos from my blog. I decided to become a hobbyist , that means I will continue to be a demo , if you see something I use from TAC, I still can order for you, but I won't dedicate as much effort and money to it as a business. I figure that there is too many things going on. And, I believe as a hobbyist, would be unfair to put in my blog and advertise in my blog and also do other things. I believe or you are in 100% or you are not. That 's my opinion.And right now I can't be 100%. So, just wanted to share in case you see the changes.
I believe in TAC style, they are different and more devoted to scrapbooking , and I like that. I like to be the minority :) lol


Jen Young said...

very cool postcard, Jana!! love all the blues...

hope you n' baby is doing great!!!


Maria said...

It's understandable that you're going hobby status. . .especially when there are other priorities in your life.

Love your card Jana!! It's very pretty! It has a pretty whimsical look to it!!


Cheryl said...

I love your style Jana and welcome to the hobbiest side of TAC!!! That's where I am and where I need to be.

Elena said...

The card is very pretty! I also like this sentiment! Colors are great!
Sorry to hear about some changes. I understand you when you need to make decisions like this.

Rita said...

Cute card Jana!

I totally understand your decision & you need to do what is best for you & your expanding family!


malieta said...

I love the gloss and colors of your post card...very hip looking!
Well....with a baby on the way...priorities change! I understand where you are coming from Jana:)