Flip Album and RAK, and non scrap stuff

Hi everybody, well I'm back, I was so tired that it's been difficult to finish projects as before.
But I feel as my 12th week approaches I'm getting better.
This flipping album I did with this tutorial. All the papers we from a kit I receive monthly.
Even though I feel better there are so many things to catch up.
Anyway, I want to show a great RAK from my friend Cheryl.
thanks Cheryl for the lovely card !I want to thank all comments and messages about how I'm feeling, I really appreciate.

This past weekend we have a blast at a Loreal event here , for dogs that the money will help breast cancer research. What a way to help and have fun with snoopy. Plus I won all this Loreal products :)
Inside there I was glad to see a booth from Cascade Beagle Rescue a place that rescue dogs retired from Research Labs.But they are all puppies, yes and already retired, you know what they do with the Beagles? Use the puppies to kidney transplant research, so they dont have a kidney, I was shocked I didnt know they do such a thing. So when they are 2 years old , the labs dont want them anymore. they are fine just as humans with one kidney, but I feel sorry for them anyway, The rescue has other Beagles too.
I plan to adopt one , when we move to a bigger place, If I could I would have my house full of beagles, and have my child grow with them , can only teach how to love and receive love free just because they love you.
Unfortunately, people dont research breeds when they get a dog, so they don't know how the breed behave and end up giving or letting the dogs away.
Beagles are always mistakenly left out because many excuses but howling too.
My Beagles never howled or barked. Yes never ! just if he feels he is in danger.
Beagles dont like to be alone or left out in the backyeard while owners are inside, they are family dogs, and noise is the way they say sometimes they are not happy, exceptions are but the breed behaves like that. Anyway, sorry for so much talking , but this is a issue close to my heart, so if you know someone that wants this lovely breed :) share this site, they also accept donations.
Here some pictures from that day :)

Snoopy was very glad to see all his cousins :) I was so excited to see so many beagles and beagles owners.

I bought many beagles stuff to help the rescue , one of them a bandana for snoopy with " snoopy" :)

Snoopy looking everything while we got a rest
Well, thanks for stopping by


Cheryl said...

Snoopy is so sweet. there is nothing more precious than a Beagle puppy. You are a very caring, compassionate person Jana. We need more like you in this world.
Glad you are feeling better.

Elizabeth Roessle said...

Que fofura Jana Adorei!!!

malieta said...

What a beautiful post Jana! Snoopy looks so darn cute with the scarf around his neck! TFS the pictures for such a wonderful cause.
Your Flip Album is adorable, you are the Queen of albums and your RAK from Cheryl is beautiful! You are so blessed to have such wonderful friends:)

Bunny B said...

Gorgeous flip album! I love the cover!

Maria said...

Your Flip album is fabulous as always!! You're awesome with the mini albums!! I'm amazed as to how many you make.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear of the dogs with only one kidney. It makes me feel sick to hear that dogs are treated that way.

I have two dogs and they are so loving and so happy to be around us. I feel really bad when I hear animals being mistreated.

Your Snoopy is so cute! You will make a wonderful mother because you are so loving to your dog.