Layout and RAK and Promotion

I dont like to scan layouts because I dont if it is my scan but the colors dont get so vivid , but layouts dont fit my mini studio.
But anyway, also in my Mixed Media blog I just posted something Amazing I've received
in the mail today.
Also my friend Jen send me this amazing RAK for participating a time ago in a candy she did.
Thanks Jen.

Also, TAC is doing a Amazing promotion for NEW ANGELS,
if you sign up you get all our mini kits collections, plus $50 extra stamps, because the sign up kit you already choose a lot and plus more !
Read all about here. TAC is great if you are a Hobby stamper our quota is just $100.00 over 4 months that means $20.00 /month can't beat that.
If you want to know what you need to start let me know.
Layout details

Cardstock TAC
DS : Willoughby
Stamps: Butterfly Bits


malieta said...

Very lovely layout and I like the idea of sewing on it...very cool Jana!
I love your RAK and goodies, You are so lucky and deserving Jana:)

Maria said...

Hey Jana! Your layout is very pretty! Is that you? You look lovely!

Jen's RAK is fabulous too! Lucky girl!!


Lologrl said...

You're very welcome, my friend. Love your layout... keep shining!!!